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Howdy! For reasons I have yet to completely comprehend, this page here seems to be the most popular entry point into my website! Seems I been gittin' around 50 visitors a day here; and while I can't figure it out, I certainly wanna welcome you to the Billy Shaw SongPage, home of Contemporary Mountain and Prairie! Thanks fer stopping' by!

(And since alotta folks been askin', I play a Mullen doubleneck with GeorgeL strings; there are examples here of both necks in action.)

These songs were part of a collection recorded over the July Fourth Weekend 1992 in Florida. This being their tenth anniversary, I decided to make 'em available both for sentimental reasons and so folks could hear what I sounded like ten years ago.

About the songs:   I did the collection primarily as a demo/audition tape for pedal steel. Everything on the songs is Billy Shaw... the vocals, the banjo, dobro, and of course, the pedal steel. It opened some doors for me back when, especially in Austin. And with my moving to Las Vegas, I figured getting these songs up on the web and freely available as audition tapes - for pedal steel - wouldn't be a bad idea.

These are some of my favorite songs to play pedal steel with. Another one I played alot was Look At Us by Vince Gill; but alas, I couldn't sing it at the time, and most likely, nothing's changed. Special thanks goes to Doug Jernigan who showed me how to play the Tom Brumley parts to I Sang Dixie (by Dwight Yokum).

Talk to Me, Texas    Originally Recorded by Keith Whitley

I Sang Dixie    Originally Recorded by Dwight Yokum

She's A RailRoad Lady    Recorded by Keith Whitley / J.D. Crowe Live

Feed Jake    Originally Recorded by Pirates of the Mississippi

Please Don't Bury Me    Originally Recorded by John Prine; no pedal steel on this one, but tons o' Dobro!  Give it a listen!

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