Billy Shaw

She said that it was over
Our life out here was through
She'd had it with my country life
She wanted something new
She found a train to Denver at seven fourty two
At eight o'clock I found her note
Ran to the door and grabbed my coat

Rein in, Rider
Turn this rig around
You gotta make some room for me
And take me into town
I know you've got a schedule
I know you've got your plans
But I've got mine I'll make it plain
I've gotta beat that Denver train

Roll on, Rider
Make these four wheels spin
Gotta race that train to Denver
Or I won't see her again
Roll on, Rider
Make this wagon fly
Gotta beat that train to Denver
Before she says Goodbye

I'd taken her when she was young
She gladly took my name
We taught each other everything
A woman she became
But private dreams she had at night
I never knew inside her heart
That Denver train tore us apart

When I got down to Denver
The platform there was bare
Nobody told me she went through
The train was gone
Nobody knew
I asked about her perfume
I asked about her hair
Nobody saw her loving smiles
I'll race that train ten thousand miles

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