This Woman Needs a Valentine
Billy Shaw

Behind the broken sorry dreams
Where no one seems to care
I see a woman's simple dress
And ribbons in her hair
She stands alone, unwanted
She's a face within the crowd
A woman with a lonely dream
Could do a man so proud

This woman needs a Valentine
And roses by the door
A man to sweep her off her feet
And dance across the floor
She waits so very patiently
For something to arrive
This woman needs a Valentine
That say's "Forever More"
[Alt: "To say that she's alive" - last time through]

A simple kind of woman
And a simple life to live
She has no mixed emotions
She's good with what you give
You'll find her in the corner
Away from all the rest
Pretending that she's happy now
Is not what she does best

I see this woman every night
She's with me in my sleep
I know that she could be my river
Run so very deep
I want this woman for my own
It shouldn't be so hard
To send it off in February
Sealed within a card

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