Ridin' Into Town
Billy Shaw

Ridin' into town
Ridin' into town
We've got the horse and buggy drawn
And pulled it on around
We've cleaned the house and swept the porch
It's time we cover ground
We'll sing a buncha travel songs
Aridin' into town

We spent the season hauling rocks
And clearing out the field
Pulling timber off the ridge
For everything we build
And now we gotta cabin
With rooms for all the kids
We filled up all your Mason jars
And sealed 'em up with lids

It's time to take the journey down
And visit with the folks
The kids can play with Granny
While Grampa sits and smokes
There's gonna be some dinner
I'll keep it off my shirt
The kid'll all eat turnip greens
With cornpie for dessert

I see the house I always loved
Set up on the hill
A worn down whitewashed picket fence
A farm dog we call "Bill"
Granny's holding grampa's hand
A corncob in his mouth
A little iron jockey stands
A pointin' to the South

It's time to head the wagon home
It's time to say goodbye
We had a grand ol' visitation
Momma don't you cry
We're gonna come back next year
Just like the year before
We'll pull it up to Heaven's gate
The next time ever more

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