Billy Shaw

That woman's like an avalanche
Headed down the hill
You better grab another branch
You're headed for a spill
She tears through everything she touches
Nothing can survive
That woman's like an avalanche
No man left alive

I hear tell she's your woman
They talk about it all over town
Well here's a bit of news
I hope that you can use
I wouldn't make another sound
If I was in your shoes

I used to love that woman
They said that I was her man
Back then I didn't know
How hard the wind could blow
I turned around and ran
From an icy field of snow

Just look at the coat I'm wearing
You see the snowshoes on my feet
I'm making you this deal
You can have 'em for a steal
When the snow's a solid sheet
Then you'll know just how I feel

Avalanche Avalanche
That woman's like an avalanche

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